Heritage Quest database

A wave of wonderful new online tools, like the HeritageQuest database from ProQuest, makes doing your family history research much easier than it used to be! Here’s why:

The key to accessing your ancestors is accessing documents, the paper records they left behind as they went through life. You’ll need to look for your relatives in all kinds of documents, like birth, marriage, and death registers; cemetery rosters; and military service records. To locate all these records and get a complete picture of your heritage, you’ll have to visit lots of different libraries, archives, courthouses, and cemeteries.

This is where HeritageQuest becomes a real lifesaver for you because it provides easy at-home access to all kinds of documents, all in one place!

Using HeritageQuest you can access the U.S. Federal Census (1790-1930), an invaluable starting point in family history research. HeritageQuest also makes it possible for you to search for ancestors in published family history books, in genealogical magazines and local history books, in Revolutionary War service records, and in the fascinating records of the Freedman’s Bank (an institution set up by the U. S. government to serve former slaves following the Civil War).

CRRL provides HeritageQuest as a supplement to AncestryLibrary, another ProQuest genealogy database that is commonly used in libraries for searching the U.S. Federal Census. And HeritageQuest is available for use from home, for free, with a library card. That’s another way it differs from AncestryLibrary, which must be used at a CRRL branch in order to avoid a fee.