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NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 follows the story of Vic McQueen, or "The Brat" as her father affectionately calls her, who happens to be a special little girl. While some children are fast readers, and others are good at a sport from a young age, Vic has the talent for finding lost things. Whether it’s a bracelet, a doll, or a missing photo, she can just hop on her bike, and her magic “covered bridge” takes her wherever it is that she needs to go. At first she takes her little trips to escape her volatile home life. However, over the course of her adventures, Vic soon discovers that she isn't the only person with such a talent—and not everyone with these abilities is nice.

Charlie Manx is also a special person with powers of his own, including the ability to transport missing children to Christmasland, a magical amusement park where it’s Christmas every day and crying is against the law. No matter how bright and merry Christmasland seems to be, Manx and his gas mask-wearing henchman are not as innocent as they claim, with a string of child abductions and murdered adults following in their wake. Of course, the girl who can find anything finds trouble in the form of Charlie Manx and his antique Rolls-Royce and barely escapes with her life.  

Now years have gone by in Vic McQueen’s life—years of drug addiction, mental hospitals, and calls from dead children, but Charlie Manx and his Christmasland never seem to let Vic go. After being in a coma for years and then presumed dead, Manx escapes, and he and his Rolls-Royce hit the road again with one target in their sights, Ms. Vic McQueen. Now Vic, who can find anything, may be the only person who can find and stop Charlie Manx before it’s too late. 

NOS4A2 is a wild ride that takes you all across the country, through different time periods, and even into imaginary worlds. It offers a great balance of character psychology and disturbing images and scenes that are downright terrifying. This book may forever taint an innocent holiday like Christmas for you in the absolute best way. If you like the horror and thriller genre, I highly recommend you pick it up. 

If you want to check this book out, you can use our OverDrive eBook digital library to do so. And, if you enjoy this book and want to check out more things from the author, here’s a link to more books by Joe Hill.