Robert Munsch Tells Kid-Tested Stories

Moira has the perfect birthday planned. "I want to invite grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, aaaaand kindergarten." Mom says no, so Moira asks her dad.

Dad says no, but somehow everybody in every grade "...aaaaand kindergarten" shows up for the party. The house is full, and the kids are hungry, but luckily Moira knows what to do to save the day.

Cover to Moira's BirthdayMoira's Birthday came about through Bob Munsch's storytelling sessions at daycare centers and libraries. He often makes up the stories on the spot, tells them to group after group, and the ones the kids keep wanting to hear are later turned into really fun books. He loves to perform and will sometimes drop in to surprise classes who have written to him, but everybody with an Internet connection can listen to him read aloud on his Web site,

Bob was born in Philadelphia, one in a family of nine children. He studied to become a Jesuit priest, but he found that what he truly enjoyed doing was his part-time work at daycare centers and orphanages. He never did become a priest. He just kept working with children and telling stories until one day his boss ordered him to take two months off and write down some of the great stories that wowed the kids.

His first book finds little Jule Ann attacked by a Mud Puddle. It's not her fault that her clothes are such a mess! This story came to Bob when he was working at a nursery school during a wet spring. Out back was a big, muddy hole that just seemed to draw the kids like a magnet. He agreed there really wasn't much the kids could do about the daily dirt, and he was inspired to make up a story a mud puddle that jumps out of trees to attack people. The kids asked him to tell it every day for two months! The story was the first one picked by publishers to print, and soon Bob Munsch was on his way to becoming a best-selling writer.

Cover to Love You Forever1A Munsch book is usually full of surprises and kind of wacky. A softer book, with just a little bit of silliness, is Love You Forever. A mother rocking her baby boy sings a lullaby:

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Her baby grows up, but his mother still loves him completely and will go across town and sneak into his room at night to sing him to sleep. When she is very old, he holds her and sings to her. At last, his own baby is born, and he sings the same song to his little one. Love You was written by Bob Munsch to the memory of his two babies who were stillborn. He never got a chance to watch them grow up, but the love he felt for them was no less strong.

This little book has sold millions of copies, many to kids and adults who want to show their parents that they understand how much they are loved.

Bob Munsch followed his heart to an amazing career as a best-selling writer. Check out his books, and learn more about the author online and in the library:

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