Scott Turow to Speak at the Fredericksburg Forum

Attorney and author Scott Turow is the writer of eleven works of fiction and nonfiction, including the bestselling Presumed Innocent and its sequel, Innocent. Mr. Turow will be speaking at the Fredericksburg Forum at the University of Mary Washington on March 17, 2011. Read on for information about the author and an annotated list of selected readalikes you might enjoy. For more information on Fredericksburg Forum lecture, visit

About the Author
Cover to InnocentBorn in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Turow attended Amherst College and graduated with high honors in 1970. He was Edith Mirrielees Fellow at the Stanford University Creative Writing Center from 1970-1972 and E.H. Jones Lecturer from 1972-1975. Later, he attended Harvard Law School, where he graduated with honors in 1978. After graduating from law school, he was an Assistant United States attorney in Chicago. He continues to practice as an attorney and has been a partner at SNR Denton since 1986.
In addition to his work as a lawyer, Turow is probably best known for his books of legal suspense, including Presumed Innocent, and his most recent work, Innocent. However, he has also written two works of nonfiction: One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School and Ultimate Punishment: A Lawyer’s Reflections on Dealing with the Death Penalty. Other works include The Burden of Proof and Ordinary Heroes, a story about World War II. You can request any of Mr. Turow’s works by visiting the library, either online or in person.
If You Like Scott Turow…
Already read everything by Mr. Turow? Try out some of these readalikes while you are waiting for the Forum.
All summaries come from the publishers’ descriptions.
Cover to The Attorney
The Attorney by Steve Martini
Having moved to San Diego to be closer to the woman in his life, Paul Madriani takes on the case of Jonah Hale, an elderly man in terrible straits. As a result of their only child Jessica's longtime drug addiction, Jonah and his wife have been raising their eight-year-old granddaughter, Amanda. On the heels of Jonah's multimillion-dollar state lottery win, Jessica revives her interest in mothering. When Jonah won't deal--maternal rights for a mega-bucks payoff--Jessica plays dirty: she accuses the old man of having sexually abused her as a child and similarly abusing Amanda now. Enter Zo Suade--a flamboyant, feminist activist with a penchant for making the objects of custody battles and their mother/plaintiffs "disappear." True to form, a week after Zo takes on Jessica's case, mother and daughter vanish. When Zo's body turns up, Jonah becomes the prime suspect. And Madriani is the man who can prove his innocence. 
Degree of Guilt by Richard North Patterson
Mary Carelli, one of the most powerful women in TV journalism, is charged with the murder of Mark Ransom, America's most eminent novelist. Her attorney, Christopher Paget, sets out to shock the courtroom with revelations about Ransom as a twisted sexual predator. But as the trial unfolds, it is Paget who will be Mary's secret motive for evidence that Mary is a woman prosecutor who believes Mary invented the story of rape...and by an enigmatic judge with an agenda of her own..... 
Mitigating Circumstances by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
After an intruder invades the home of Assistant District Attorney Lily Forrester, Lily finds that her life is spinning out of control, and turmoil in both her professional and private lives comes to a boil. 
Rough Justice by Lisa Scottoline
The murder trial is near its end & defense attorney Marta Richter's client, millionaire businessman Elliot Steere, is sure to be acquitted. But when he inadvertently admits his guilt to her, Richter is faced with a chilling choice: remain silent, or begin looking for new evidence - this time to convict him….
Cover to The Associate 
The Associate by John Grisham
Three months after leaving Yale, Kyle McAvoy becomes an associate at the largest law firm in the world, where, in addition to practicing law, he is expected to lie, steal, and take part in a scheme that could send him to prison, if not get him killed. 
Capture by Robert Tanenbaum
When a promising actress from Spanish Harlem dies from a gunshot wound in the fashionable Tribeca hotel penthouse apartment of an eccentrically famous Broadway producer, it is up to New York D.A. Roger "Butch" Karp and his hard charging, crime fighting wife, Marlene Ciampi, to champion the murdered actress's cause. 
Killer Heat by Linda Fairstein
Manhattan D.A. Alex Cooper investigates the murders of three victims while dodging infuriated gang members packing heat. Her interrogation skills lead to someone with a twisted obsession concerning the military, and things grow increasingly dangerous when the chase leads to a chain of small, abandoned islands around New York harbor. 
Born to Run by James Grippando
Intrepid Miami attorney Jack Swyteck comes to the aid of his former governor father as he investigates the suspicious hunting death of the vice president. 
Cover to Cruel Justice
Cruel Justice by William Bernhardt
Ten years ago, Leeman Hayes, a black teenager, was accused of brutally beating a young woman with a golf club at a posh country club in Tulsa. Kinks in the legal system have kept Leeman locked up without a verdict for a decade. Now the case is finally going back to court, and Ben Kincaid has stumbled into the job of defense attorney. But what possible chance does he stand against Tulsa's crack prosecutor, Jack Bullock? Nothing short of a miracle is going to save Leeman Hayes from the death sentence. As Kincaid struggles to pull together a defense, another young boy is falling into the clutches of a child molester….When Abie Rutherford vanishes without a trace one hot summer day, Ben Kincaid, like everyone else in Tulsa, fears the worst. Then a bone-chilling discovery compels Ben to forge a link between the missing boy and the seemingly hopeless case of Leeman Hayes--thereby igniting the fuse for the most explosive courtroom case of Ben's career. 
The Undertaker’s Widow by Phillip Margolin
A beleaguered judge presiding over the trial of a tough-talking state congresswoman suspects that the defendant was framed. 
Unlucky in Law by Perri O'Shaughnessy
Nina Reilly takes on the most dangerous and difficult case of her career in O'Shaughnessy's latest thriller. An ingenious blend of forensic science, history, and gripping suspense, Unlucky in Law pits the tough but compassionate attorney against the most unbeatable adversary of all: the law. 
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