General OneFile! Whuzzat?

General OneFile is not the Commander of the Allied Forces or the latest comic book character, but it is a supreme superhero: General OneFile is an awesome database of magazine and newspaper articles about anything and everything you may want or need to know. With about 97 million entries originally published from 1980 to the present day, I daresay you’ll find something pertinent to any search you undertake. For instance:

Want a recipe for ohagi (Japanese sticky rice balls with red bean paste) or yeatelt wett (an Ethiopian winter vegetable medley)?
            General OneFile serves it up!
Want a political cartoon from the Reagan era?
            Print one free from General OneFile!
Want a children’s review of the latest picture book to hit the best seller list?
            Read it on General OneFile!
Want to know what the experts say about investing in this economy?
            General OneFile keeps you current!
Want the latest Hollywood gossip?
            General OneFile has it covered!

 But what makes this awesome, you ask? Did I mention the nearly 97,000,000 articles? Did I mention that you can find articles from today all the way back to 1980? Okay, besides that, General OneFile has:

  • a citation tool for those with scholarly intentions;
  •  a dictionary for quick reference;
  • a translation tool to convert articles into 11 languages other than English;
  • an MP3 conversion tool to allow you to listen to the article rather than read it;
  • the power to print, save, file, and share what you find;
  • full-text of the New York Times from 1985;
  • more than 500 travel guides, including many from Fodor’s;
  • special collections, including: Academic, Computer, Business, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Environment, Gardening, Home Improvement, Nursing and Allied Health, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy, History, Careers, War and Terrorism
  • videos, graphs, photographs, satellite images, maps, interviews, obituaries, sermons, congressional testimony, radio show transcripts, and more and more and more document types.
Here are a few handy tips to using General OneFile and discovering its awesomeness for yourself:
  • Limit your results to articles that are full-text, peer-reviewed, or with images.
  • If you find a relevant article and open it, check the Related Subjects list that shows up in the left margin. Clicking on the subject term most appropriate to your search will focus your results.
  • Use Advanced Search to restrict your search to a specific publication, specific date or time frame, and/or to a specific document type. The latter is where you’ll find those “more and more and more”, such as buyers guides, book reviews, biographies, broadcast transcripts, blog entries – and those are just some of the types listed under “b”!
Explore General OneFile. If you want a travel guide through its awesomeness, contact your friendly librarian. We’ll give you a free tour tailored to your needs!