The Abusive Personality: Violence and Control in Intimate Relationships

By Donald G. Dutton

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"Are we missing the point in the treatment people who abuse others? According to Dutton (psychology, U. of British Columbia) abusers are not just acting out of emotions that lead to assuming inappropriate control. He has found in his research and practice that many have borderline personality characteristics and trauma symptoms requiring different approaches than many therapists currently follow.

"In this new edition, updated to reflect the latest theory and findings, Dutton takes into account earlier approaches to the treatment of abusers and the reasons why such approaches may or may not have been effective. He goes deeply into the data, describing what it says about rage, attachment, the cycle of violence. Longitudinal development and borderline disorders, and also examines female abusive personalities. He concludes by describing practical, cognitive-behavioral approaches in the treatment of those who assault.'

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