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CRRL My Librarian: Gardening--Something You Need Never Outgrow

CRRL My Librarian: Gardening--Something You Need Never Outgrow

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.
—Marcus Tullius Cicero

As life leaves its marks on us—physical, as well as emotional and spiritual—it might seem harder to set up a garden, but, if gardening gives you joy, it’s probably more important now than ever.

A garden works many aspects of the mind: imagination, planning, and doing—and sometimes doing again. It’s the doing part that can get harder when arthritis or other mobility problems kick in, making it difficult to kneel, reach, or pull. But the lure of the green is still there, like an empty canvas. Whether you grow food or flowers or houseplants, there are ways for you to adapt your plans and techniques so that gardening, while still a chore, is a more pleasant one.

Don’t be left out of this rite of spring. Whether you’ve got a balcony, a bay window, or a border in the yard, you can bring some more green into the world.

Check my list of books and Web resources on adaptive gardening, including gardens with therapeutic qualities, for fresh ideas for making this hobby easier and more healthful.

The video below shows some adaptive gardening equipment. If you would like more information on adaptive gardening, you can check with the local office of the state Cooperative Extension Agency near you.