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The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia by Martin Olson

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia by Martin Olson

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is an ancient and magical tome, or maybe it's just designed to look that way. The book explores the characters and situations that occupy the popular Cartoon Network series. There are few cartoons as imaginative or strange as Adventure Time, in which a boy and his dog fight evil in various forms, including an Ice King, monsters, demons, giants, and the hideous creature known as The Lich.

Finn and Jake are the pair of heroes, but they are not your guides though this encyclopaedia. That honor belongs to Hunson Abadeer, the demonic father of Finn's vampire friend Marceline. Finn and Jake have faced off against Abadeer before, mainly when they feel that he is being an unfair father...or just randomly stealing innocent souls.

Our guide is laughably dismissive of almost every character in the book, suggesting that some be banished from existence while others receive a grudging respect, like the Ice King's doofy penguin Gunter, "The most Incredibly Evil Creature I have encountered."

The Land of Ooo is a beautiful and dangerous place. The series often hints that Ooo is a future Earth recovering from nuclear war. This explains why so many inanimate objects are prone to coming alive and dancing, as well as why so many frightening beings lurk in darkened corridors. 

The book offers gorgeous attention to detail, from the aged look of the pages to the in-depth references to characters who receive mere seconds of screen time. Comments by Finn, Jake and Marceline are scrawled in the margins, making jokes and commenting on Abadeer's uptightness.

Age-wise, I think Adventure Time is right for anyone from upper-elementary to adult, as long as you like some weirdness in your adventures. 

Fans looking for a further fix can find the show's comics in our collection. They are sometimes better than the cartoon itself. Be sure to check out the book trailer for The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, which captures the show's essence, its mysteriousness, its cuteness, and its darkness, without any animation at all.