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April Showers

Let's have fun in the rain with springtime games, crafts, and rainy day books.


It's raining. It's pouring. The old man might be snoring, but you're not. You're BORED. Tired of being in the house with nothing to do. There's no Cat in the Hat to get things going, but if you've got your galoshes and your rain coat (and a willing grownup) there's something you can do after the rain—puddle-jumping!
Run through the puddles very fast. Or, jump in big puddles as hard as you can. Play follow the leader and have a blast.

Fun with Your Umbrella

Why not make over an umbrella into something that's really cool? Just lay some newspapers on the floor, take a solid color umbrella (look for them at dollar stores), fabric pens, and acrylic paints, and have fun. You will need to let it dry for a day before you close it or take it out in the rain.

Lucky Ducks

When the rain is pouring down, you can still have fun inside. Have a duck race. Clear a space in a big room. Put something on the floor to mark the start and finish lines. Racers on the start line bend over to grab their ankles. Ready-set-go, and the duck waddle race begins!

Planting Seeds

What's all this rain for, anyhow? The old saying goes "April showers bring May flowers." But, before you have May flowers, you have to have some seed. And some dirt. And some sunshine.

Good seeds to start inside in April include marigolds, zinnias, tomatoes, and mint. You can recycle an empty plastic margarine/butter tub or a Cool Whip container (see recipe below). Decorate it if you like. Ask a grownup's help to punch a hole in the bottom, and add a big handful of gravel to keep the plants from getting waterlogged. Add dirt from the backyard garden, or you can buy special "starter" soil.

Plant your seeds, and water them according to the directions on the package. Make sure your planter is kept in a warm place with some sunshine. Keep it on an old plate or saucer to catch the extra drainage when you water.

You can move your plants outside when the weather warms up enough so that there is no danger of frost.

Tasty Worms in Dirt

Yummy gummy worms make this spring treat something to celebrate.

2 large boxes chocolate or vanilla instant pudding
2 cups milk
2 cups non-dairy topping, such as Cool Whip
1 large package chocolate/vanilla sandwich cookies, such as Oreos
1 package of gummy worms

Mix pudding and milk. Add the topping.
Crush the cookies. Either ask for help using the blender or put a handful of them at a time in a sandwich bag and carefully mash them with a rolling pin. Stir 1/2 of these into the pudding mixture.

Put the pudding/cookie mixture into cups. Put the crushed cookie "dirt" on top. For the finale, push gummy worms into mix. Leave a few dangling out.

If you want to do this up to share at a party, use a !clean! medium-sized plastic flower pot for the container.

Rainy Day Reads

Still looking for something to do? Try these Stories for a Rainy Day. Ducks, clouds, and African animals—everybody has to face a rainy day sometimes.