Are We There Yet?

Traveling with kids is always a challenge.  Maybe times have changed.  I remember I used to get excited when we'd get a chance to pile in the car and go somewhere.  It didn't matter if we were squeezed in, the seats weren't comfortable, or if it was too hot or too cold in the car. 

So, when I'm running around packing, I make sure we have a supply of kids' movies, games, and even books to read and color.  OK, I know that the skeptics out there are saying, "Hey, that's family time. Time to discuss and talk."  Well, to be honest, when it comes to a choice between loud, frustrating hours in the car or having calm, happy children, I choose the latter.  Right now my children are young, so I'm grateful for a DVD player in my van.

The best part is that CRRL usually has a nice selection of DVD movies for children to pick from.  I've never been disappointed.  Even when the most popular items are checked out, there are enough titles left to please me.  The library has a mixture of educational and recreational movies and TV shows too.

So, when you're getting ready to go on a trip--even if it's only a couple of hours long--set aside a little time to stop by your library and pick out some movies.  Also, take a stack of books along. There are going to be many periods of "I'm bored," even after you arrive at your destination.  For all you know, great aunt and uncle may not have cable or a computer!