Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

"Irish businessman will pay large amount of U.S. dollars to meet a fairy, sprite, leprechaun, or pixie."

The ad was posted on the Internet. Indeed, it generated numerous fraudulent responses, but the person who placed it only needed one true lead for his purposes. He had studied all he could in the mundane world he inhabited, but he knew the important secrets of the Fairy would only be known by others of their kind. However, in Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Colfer, the Irish businessman posting the ad did not mention that he was stupendously rich—and rather young. In his mind, the latter certainly did not signify.

After a wild goose chase in Cairo, finally the trail led to Ho Chi Minh City. Artemis Fowl the Second, latest in a thousand-year-old line of criminal masterminds, sweltered in the heat of a Vietnamese summer, carefully noting every detail of the passersby as he waited to make contact with his source. He was accompanied by his devoted servant, Butler, who acted as confidante as well as being an amazingly lethal bodyguard.

Artemis' mission was a simple one. If he could gain knowledge of his enemy's plans, he knew he could restore the greatly diminished family fortune. Equipped as he was with an armed fortress, the latest in information technology, and devoted family retainers, he believed he had an excellent chance of gaining a leprechaun's ransom in gold.

It was his own plan, and he was quite possibly the only person on the planet capable of executing it. For Artemis Fowl was young enough to believe that magical realms existed, yet his mind was as brilliant and calculating as anyone of any age—that is, any mundane person.

Perhaps he underestimated his opponents, genius though he was. The People may have been driven underground eons ago, but they were well-prepared to face outside interference, possessing a magically-driven arsenal of attack spells and weapons that would make any Hollywood action hero envious.

Artemis is unaware that the leprechaun he wishes to ensnare is actually a member of the LEPrecon, an elite branch of the Lower Elements Police. Officer Holly Short, amber-eyed neophyte on the force, is more than a match for the likes of one Artemis Fowl who is, for all his genius, only a Mud Person.

Artemis Fowl is the first in a series of witty, action-packed adventures.