The Art of Living: Life in 18th Century Fredericksburg

From the Central Rappahannock Regional Library

The Antiques Book: Outstanding, Authoritative Articles on Ceramics, Furniture, Glass, Silver, Pewter, Architecture, Prints and Other Collecting Interests edited by Alice Winchester and the staff of the magazine Antiques.



Includes illustrations of over 200 items. Each chapter originally appeared as an article in Antiques magazine. 



The Book of Old Silver, English, American, Foreign by Seymour B. Wyler.



"Here is the fascinating story of the great silversmiths and their art. All the factors of interest to the amateur, collector or connoisseur of Old Silver and Old Sheffield Plate are authoritatively covered:The development of design in tea services, flatware, candlesticks, trays, cups. Values and scarcity. Where to buy. How to collect. How to detect frauds. Reproductions. And most important, this book permits the exact and indisputable identification of Old Silver by means of the Hallmark tables. These are conveniently and simply arranged so that anyone may trace in a few moments any hallmarked piece of silver of American, English, Sheffield, French, German or other European origin.The splendid pictures are from photographs of authentic pieces from the foremost dealers in Antique Silver." (Inside flap)
Building Early American Furniture by Joseph W. Daniele.
One of several titles in the Early American Society series that are owned by the library. Others include How to Make and Play the Dulcimore and Building Colonial Furnishings, Miniatures, and Folk Art.
The Bulfinch Anatomy of Antique China & Silver: An Illustrated Guide to Tableware, Identifying Period, Detail, and Design by Tim Forrest.
Includes a picture timeline of the evolution of tableware and eating customs from the 16th century to the Retro period. Articles focus on the changes in customs over time.
A Dictionary of Marks: Metalwork, Furniture, Ceramics; the Identification Handbook for Antique Collectors by Margaret Macdonald-Taylor.
"Including the marks of American and British metalwork, this book also includes coverage of ceramics and furniture. The ceramics include English and European marks, as well as Japanese date marks and Chinese reign marks. English, French and European furniture and tapestry marks are also included." (Pickabook Books)
Early American Furniture, from Settlement to City: Aspects of Form, Style, and Regional Designs from 1620 to 1830 edited by Mary Jean Madigan and Susan Colgan. Includes an index.
Emyl Jenkins' Guide to Buying and Collecting Early American Furniture.
Contains a history of American furniture techniques and a guide to appraising and purchasing older pieces.
Field Guide to American Antique Furniture by Joseph T. Butler
"With more than seventeen hundred superb drawings, this authoritative book offers a unique visual system for identifying the style of virtually any piece of American antique furniture." (Catalog summary)
Furniture of Williamsburg and Eastern Virginia, 1710-1790 by Wallace B. Gusler.
"Furniture of Williamsburg and Eastern Virginia, 1710–1790, originally published in 1979 by the Virginia Museum, has been considered a milestone in southern furniture research." (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)
The Pottery and Porcelain of the United States: An Historical Review of American Ceramic Art from the Earliest Times to the Present Day by Edwin Atlee Barber.
Reprint of a 1909 edition. Recommended by the Smithsonian Institution. Also available online.
Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Porcelain.
A history of porcelain manufacture and use, from Asia to Europe and America. Has a chapter on fakes and forgeries as well as a glossary of terms and list of key factories.
Southern Furniture, 1680-1830: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection by Ronald L. Hurst and Jonathan Prown.
"...examines objects that were once found in homes from Maryland to the Carolina Low Country. No other book contains so much fine and diverse furniture, such rich documentation, and such a coherent overview of the regional styles of the Old South.Incorporating both urban and rural, high-style and plain pieces, Southern Furniture 1680-1830 explores the economic and cultural diversity of the region, and provides the most recent information about the South's little-known but extensive furniture-making traditions." (Catalog summary)
Williamsburg: Decorating with Style from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
"In the first decorating book from America's favorite colonial restoration, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and bestselling author Tricia Foley give hundreds of ideas for bringing the glories of 18th-century design into today's homes. 200 color photos." (Catalog summary)
Williamsburg Christmas: The Story of Christmas Decoration in the Colonial Capital by Libbey Hodges Oliver and Mary Miley Theobald.
Illustrates the beautiful Christmas displays crafted from natural materials that are so popular in colonial Williamsburg's Christmas celebrations.







The following books are available at the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center:

Antique Furniture by John Rodd.

Antique Furniture and Decorative Accessories by Thomas Arthur Strange. 

Antiques at a Glance by James Mackay.

Old Furniture: Understanding the Craftsman's Art by Nancy A. Smith.


On the Web: 

Common People and Their Material World: Free Men and Women in the Chesapeake, 1700-1830
A lengthy, chatty, and scholarly examination of the material and social details of the lives of everyday people from the Tidewater area. From the Colonial Williamsburg Research Division.
Expanded Academic ASAP
Citations and some full text articles from mostly academic journals. Articles touch on many topics, including history, art, and decoration. CRRL card holders may access this database at no charge.
Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center: Selected Items
The museum has images from several periods of Fredericksburg history online.
The Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks
A collection of 193 hallmarks from American manufacturers and retailers of sterling silver, coin silver and silver plate. Marks are listed alphabetically by manufacturer.
Mary Washington's Will
Fascinating reading that mentions many personal items: clothing, silver, furniture, and tableware.
Works of Art: American Decorative Art
Collection highlights from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a virtual tour of six American Wing period rooms, and an excellent illustrated section of essays, "Colonial Art of the Americas."

This webliography accompanies the Lunch With History lecture "The Art of Living: Life in 18th-Century Fredericksburg," presented by Edwin Watson, Director, Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center, on November 17, 2004.