Art Workshops for Children by Hervé Tullet

Art Workshops for Children by Hervé Tullet

If you’ve despaired of teaching high-energy young ones to learn to love art because it’s such a quiet, seated activity—and they just can’tTullet’s Art Workshops for Children is the book for you.

For Hervé Tullet, art is a word of action, a process. It is not about coloring within the lines or painstakingly snipping the perfect Christmas tree out of construction paper. It is not even about drawing the most realistic portrait of a pet ever.

No, with Tullet’s book, children work together to create simple but original projects. In his classes, he talks the students through the process—and tells you, the teacher, how to do it—keeping elements of surprise and change going throughout his narratives.

His art workshops, which he has held around the world, are often cooperative events. Children work together in groups or as partners for many projects, including “Personality Portrait” and “A Great Sumo Match.”

Other activities, such as “The Magic Dice” (that help create silly monsters) and “The Picture Factory,” can be used as individual activities, but they can also be done by a group.

Hervé Tullet has written a book that will help children (and teachers) learn to love art through its simplicity and fun. Hopefully, they will go on to find joy being creative in their everyday lives. Be sure to read to the end for insights into Tullet’s life and his thoughts on encouraging students. This is an excellent choice for anyone working with a passel of children and turns learning into play.

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