Audiobooks for Summer

June is National Audio Book Month! So, to celebrate, throw some headphones into your beach bag. A great story is the perfect soundtrack to any summer adventure.

Because I love audiobooks and can’t resist sharing my favorites, I’ve gathered a list of great audiobooks for summer. The list includes fantasy and science fiction, memoir and family drama—all with compelling plots and page-turning appeal to keep you listening through the dog days to come.

For more great titles, take a peek at SYNC, a free audiobook program for teens. Downloadable titles change weekly and will be available through August 17, 2016. Vacation-bound families may also want to check out Road Trip! Family-Friendly Audiobooks for the Long Haul.

So, whether you’re off on a cross-country trip or spending the afternoon poolside, there’s no better time to try audiobooks. Pick up (or download) a new listen and enjoy! Your Summer Reading log will thank you.