The Battle of Hampton Roads

From the Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Battle of the Ironclads: The Monitor and the Merrimack by Alden R. Carter.
This book for elementary school students examines the construction, battles, and technological and historical impact of the Civil War battleships, the Monitor and the Virginia (Merrimack).
C.S.S. Virginia: Mistress of Hampton Roads by John V. Quarstein.
A lengthy account of the naval battle. Available to read in the Virginiana Room.
Part of the Virginia Regimental Histories series.

Duel Between the First Ironclads by William C. Davis.
The author weaves fascinating personal and historical detail into his narrative.
Also available as an eBook. Click here for more information on this collection.

Duel of the Ironclads: The Monitor vs. the Virginia by Patrick O'Brien.
A short book (36 pages) that is appropriate for elementary students who are just beginning to develop a taste for history.


From Mary Washington College

How the Merrimac Won; The Strategic Story of the C. S. S. Virginia by Robert Welter Daly.

Thunder at Hampton Roads by A. A. Hoehling.

The True Story of the Virginia and the Monitor; The Account of an Eye-Witness by William Tindall.


Web Sites

The Battle for Hampton Roads
Selected original documents from the Navy's files are available to read online. Includes captains' reports and black and white images.

CSS Virginia Home Page
Maps of the area, participating ships and crews, historical documents, images, and a description of how the burnt and sunken USS Merrimack was turned into the CSS Virginia.

USS Monitor Center at The Mariner's Museum
At the heart of the USS Monitor Center is the exhibition - a melding of artifacts, original documents, paintings, personal accounts, interactives and environments that will pique all five senses. The strategies, people, technology and science behind the historic circumstances surrounding this story will be displayed in a way the public has never before seen.

Hampton Roads: The Battle of the Ironclads
A detailed description of the two-day battle, a history of the ironclads' design, a first-hand account from the executive officer on the Monitor, statistics on both ships, and links to official records.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Preserving the USS Monitor
Details of the ship's design, complete with diagrams, its history, and the plan to save the craft from the bottom of the sea. Many illustrations.

Showdown at Hampton Roads
John V. Quarstein, director of the Virginia War Museum and historical author (see C.S.S. Virginia, above), writes an exciting, two-part account of the battle between the Virginia and the Monitor in 1862.

This webliography accompanied the Lunch With History lecture "The Battle of Hampton Roads," presented by Robert E. Pratt, Senior Design Cartographer, National Geographic, on June 16, 2004.