Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Join us in celebration of this love-ly day!

Valentine Special Events:

Be My Valentine
Stories, songs and activities.
Alphabet Soup Special, ages 2-5

Preschool Time Special
Ages 3-5

Valentine Books

Valentine's Day Book List
Hearts, flowers, chocolate candy, and special cards! Celebrate the red, white and pink with these books for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Activities

Make a Valentine's Day Breakfast
Your family does a lot for you: helping with homework, cooking your meals, and taking you to fun places. Why not give them a treat on Valentine's Day? A relaxing breakfast with a few special touches is a great way to show how much you love them.

A Sweet, Sweet Valentine
What's better than a store-bought valentine with your name on it? Add a little something sweet to make it a valentine to remember. Sure, you can buy pretty candy at just about any store this time of the year, but you can also get creative and make it yourself.