Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb

Mid-nineteenth-century little person Mercy Levinia Warren Bump comes of age in the antebellum south before being invited to join the P. T. Barnum circus, through which she meets her future husband, General Tom Thumb, and pursues limitless international opportunities.


“Mercy Lavinia Warren Bump may have been a tiny lady, but her personality is larger than life, and her determination is an inspiration to us all. She overcame what would be considered an insurmountable disability and forged a life for herself in a world where women got married, had babies or taught school. She stood taller than most around her because of the dignified way in which she carried herself through life. She is truly a heroine for all times! Her plucky nature, intelligence, grace and maturity were a shock to many who saw her, who imagined her to be a tiny doll. She was anything but!” (


Melanie Benjamin
Historical Fiction