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Killer Angels

The late Shaara's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel (1974) concerns the battle of Gettysburg and was the basis for the 1993 film Gettysburg. The events immediately before and during the battle are seen through the eyes of Confederate Generals Lee, Longstreet, and Armistead and Federal General Buford, Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain, and a host of others. 

This novel reveals more about the Battle of Gettysburg than any piece of learned nonfiction on the same subject. Michael Shaara's account of the three most important days of the Civil War features deft characterizations of all of the main actors, including Lee, Longstreet, Pickett, Buford, and Hancock. The most inspiring figure in the book, however, is Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, whose 20th Maine regiment of volunteers held the Union's left flank on the second day of the battle. This unit's bravery at Little Round Top helped turned the tide of the war against the rebels.” (

Michael Shaara
Historical Fiction
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"The best Civil War novel ever written, even better than The Red Badge of Courage".

"My favorite historical novel...It is a superb re-creation of the Battle of Gettysburg, but its real importance is its insight into what the war was about, and what it meant."
JAMES M. MC PHERSON, Author of Battle Cry of Freedom

"A book that changed my life... I had never visited Gettysburg, knew almost nothing about that battle before I read the book, but here it all came alive...I wept. No book, novel or nonfiction, had ever done that to me before."
KEN BURNS, Filmmaker and Co-Author of The Civil War

"[Shaara] writes with clarity and power...His descriptions of the battle scenes are vivid and unsparing."

"A compelling version of what America's Armageddon must have been like...Surefire storytelling."

"You will learn more from this utterly absorbing book about Gettysburg than from any nonfictional account. Shaara fabulously, convincingly brings characters such as Robert E. Lee to life and makes the conflict all too real."


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