Stealing with Style

"Jenkins, a well-known antiques appraiser, puts her knowledge to excellent use in this elegant little mystery. Not surprisingly, the heroine is also an appraiser, Sterling Glass, who mostly spends her time examining heirlooms in the vicinity of her Virginia home. She pines for Peter Donaldson, a former minister now working at the local Goodwill, and it's through Peter that she learns that valuable antiques have been found hidden in items at the store. Her investigation into the Goodwill antiques coincides with other appraising business and takes her to New York, where heirlooms collide. A subplot set in Brooklyn and involving an old man who wants to preserve some treasured figurines adds a bit of Semitic spice. The glamorous backdrop of New York auction houses is enticing and the mystery intriguing. But it is really Sterling Glass herself who makes this so special. Hats off to a heroine of a certain age with plenty of smarts and a healthy longing for a gentleman caller." (Booklist Review)

Sterling Glass has built a nice appraisal business in her small Virginia town. She's sought after to examine antiques, research their history, present her clients with approximate values, and help them distinguish good antiques from not so good ones. And when family skeletons are unearthed among the heirlooms, she is the soul of discretion. It's a world she navigates with ease. But that's before she's called in to examine a diamond brooch found tucked inside an oven mitt over at the Salvation Army thrift store. And before the appraisal of an extremely modest estate turns up a tea urn hidden inside a basket worth at least fifty grand. Things aren't adding up, and Sterling, never one to let go of loose ends, starts asking questions. It's not long before she uncovers an intricate plot involving a slew of antique pieces, the oldest families in Leemont, some sophisticated scammers, crooked antiques dealers, and shifty people at the best New York auction houses. Add to that one elderly man who's just trying to preserve his family's treasured collection of bronze and ivory Art Deco sculptures, and suddenly Sterling finds herself ensnared in a mystery laced with greed, deceit, and danger. Stealing with Style, the first in the Sterling Glass series, introduces a writer of great wit who has a grand sense of the mystery hidden in our most treasured possessions.





Emyl Jenkins
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