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Listen, Look, Learn...Birds of North America Online

Birds of North America Online

Whether you are an avid birdwatcher, a student preparing a report on the state bird of Virginia, or just interested in hearing the real drumming sound of a woodpecker, then Birds of North America Online is for you! In addition to the sound recordings of each bird, there are also photographs and often video clips of each species. Articles about the bird’s appearance, food habits, migration, life cycle and much more are also available.

Simply click Research under the heading “Library Basics" on the CRRL Web site. This will give you an alphabetical listing of all the library’s databases. You will need to be a CRRL cardholder so that you can enter your barcode number before using a database if you are outside the library. Once you have located Birds of North America Online, type the name of a bird in the search box or browse under “Species” for the bird of your choice. Then you can watch an American Oystercatcher bathing, hear the territorial hooting of the Great Horned Owl, or see photographs of a Blue Jay feeding its nestlings. 

Find statistics, conservation concerns, and an extensive reference list for each of the more than 700 species living in the United States and Canada. Birds of North America Online is a comprehensive collection that is perfect for scholars as well as backyard birdwatchers. This educational and entertaining database has something for everyone in the family!