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Sharing Digital Photos

You’ve taken your personal pictures and downloaded them. Now what? SHARE THEM!
The internet makes it easy. A variety of websites offer FREE uploading and sharing of digital pictures. Most require you to become a “member,” but that’s free, too!

Why would I want to make an album?
If you want to share one or two pictures, attaching them to e-mail is easy. If you want to share MANY pictures, albums are efficient and save space.

These allow you to e-mail your albums to friends, and they can purchase copies of the pictures, have the image printed onto other merchandise, or they can just view a slideshow.

How can I get copies of digital pictures I’ve taken if I don’t have my own printer?
Many of the websites above will allow you to order copies of your photos.

What if I want to order my pictures online but pick them up in a store?
Locally, CVS, Target, Eckerd, Costco Ritz Camera, Richmond Camera and Wal-Mart allow this service. (Other stores may, too. This is just a sampling.)

Can I upload my pictures online and have them printed in a store in a different state so my aunt can pick up pictures of her grandnieces and grandnephews up at CVS the next time she’s filling a prescription in Florida?