By Eric James Fullilove

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"A terrifying international incident has just begun the countdown to nuclear war. The one man who can stop it has just been framed for the murder of one of Washington, D.C.'s darlings. The clock is running. So is he. On India's border, a weapon of mass destruction tips the world's balance of power. In Washington, D.C., a well-dressed man is stopped by the cops for DWB -- Driving While Black.

"In a darkened hallway, a killer waits for a beautiful woman to come home. And Eric James Fullilove's shattering, relentlessly suspenseful thriller about race, power, and justice has just begun. The president's national security advisor, Richard Whelan, is tough, smart, and black. Coming from Harvard to the White House, he knows how to play political games. But be's about to get a refresher course in the rules of the street. Framed for a brutal murder, Whelan is suddenly a fugitive on the run, a pawn in a chilling conspiracy, and the only man who can put the pieces together and stop a nuclear holocaust -- if he can just stay alive. In Blowback, author Eric James Fullilove introduces an exciting, new black character who is part Richard Kimball, part Jack Ryan, part Shaft -- and all hero."

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