If you like stories about college

There's a variety of books for you to choose from, and they can all be found in our Young Adult Fiction collection. I hope you find some of them to your liking!


Anything But Ordinary, by Valerie Hobbs.
Bernie and Winifred have been in love since they were
fourteen, but when Winifred goes away to college in California and
Bernie stays in New Jersey things change for the two of them, and each must try to forge an identity separate from the other.


Bass Ackwards and Belly Up: A Novel, by Liz Craft and Sarah Fain.
When one of four best friends lies and says she will pursue
her dream of writing a novel rather than start college, two others join in, one by going to Los Angeles to become an actress and one by
backpacking through Europe to find herself. The fourth goes to college, joins her hero's ski team, and tries to fall in love.


Catch, by Will Leitch.
Teenager Tim Temples must decide if he wants to leave his
comfortable life in a small town and go to college.


On My Own, by Caitlin O'Conner: A Novel, by Melody Carlson.
In her first year at college, Caitlin's diary reflects on
her homesickness, the challenges of rooming with a non-Christian, and
evolving friendships, old and new.


Saying Goodbye, by Marie G. Lee.
In this sequel to "Finding My Voice," Ellen Sung explores
her interest in creative writing and in her Korean heritage during her freshman year at Harvard.


The Squared Circle, by James Bennett.
Sonny, a university freshman and star basketball player,
finds that the pressures of college life, NCAA competition, and an
unsettling relationship with his feminist cousin bring up painful
memories that he must face before he can decide what is important in his life.


Where Are You When I Need You? by Suzanne Newton.
When Missy Card wins a college scholarship, she has a hard
time deciding whether or not to leave the security of her small