If you like the Drama High series by L. Divine

If you like the Drama High series by L. Divine

Here are some other suggestions since you like the Drama High
and It Chicks series:


Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree.

Growing up in the flamboyant 1980's, Tracy Ellison is a smart and
charming teenager who uses her good looks to attract any boy she wants.
With a life of promiscuity as she approaches womanhood, she learns
valuable lessons that impels her to examine her reckless lifestyle.


Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Souljah.

As the oldest daughter of a successful drug dealer, Winter lacks for
nothing. But after her father moves the family from the projects to a
mansion on Long Island, Winters life begins to come apart. Her beautiful
mother is shot, her father is sent to prison, and the family's
possessions are seized by the government. Winter and her three sisters,
Mercedes, Lexus, and Porsche, become wards of the state.


Jason and Kyra by Dana Davison.

Jason, 16, is gorgeous, smart, graceful on the basketball court, and he
dates popular, beautiful Lisa. But "fine-as-hell, super-jock,
popular-as-Nikes-in-the-NBA, can-have-anybody-he-wants" Jason falls for
"double-brained-nappy-headed-sweet-but-nobody" Kyra, his nonconformist,
highly academic research partner from AP English class. (from
Publisher's Weekly review)


Gossip Girl (series) by Cecily von Ziegesar.

At a New York City jet-set private school populated by hard-drinking,
bulimic, love-starved poor little rich kids, a clique of horrible people
behave badly to one another. (from Publisher's Weekly review)


Played by Dana Davison.

Gorgeous Ian Striver is horrified when he receives his final challenge
for entry into the FBI, an exclusive fraternity at Cross High School.
Not only must he prove that he has gotten plain Kylie Winship, an
obvious virgin, to "give it up," but he must also prove that she has
fallen in love with him. Although Ian is prepared to fulfill the
challenge, he isn't ready to fall in love himself. Neither is Kylie
prepared to fall for Ian, who sometimes even humiliates her.


Tyrell by Coe Booth.

Fifteen-year-old Tyrell, who is living in a Bronx homeless shelter with
his spaced-out mother and his younger brother, tries to avoid temptation
so he does not end up in jail like his father.


Indigo Summer by Monica McKayhan (Kimani Tru).

Fifteen-year-old Indigo Summer's world finally seems to be going in the
right direction: She hooks up with the star linebacker on the
high-school football team, gets a date for homecoming and makes the
high-school dance squad all in the same week. But sometimes things are
just too good to be true. After football star Quincy Rawlins abruptly
dumps her for a girl who is willing to put out, Indigo's popularity and
self-esteem take a nosedive. When her perfect world falls apart, Indigo
turns to the one person who seems to have his head on straight--her
next-door neighbor, sixteen-year-old Marcus Carter. The problem is, now
that Indigo realizes what a great guy Marcus really is, so does someone
else. There are other books in the Kimani Tru line and they are by
different authors. A few other titles are : Can't Stop the Shine, Spin
it Like That, and Keysha's Drama.


Dymond in the Rough by Precious.

KaShamba Williams once again has her hand on the pulse of urban
literature with the Platinum Teen Series! Dymond in the Rough is
precisely the story that needs to be read by today's inner city youth.
In a literary genre oversaturated with violence, drama and drugs, Dymond
in the Rough shines through as a beacon of hope. An excellent,
age-appropriate read with a positive message for teens. A must read!
--Essence Best Selling Author, Tracy Brown. (from Amazon).


Battle of Jericho by Sharon Draper.

The Warriors of Distinction has been the school's most exclusive club
for 50 years, so when 16-year-old Jericho is asked to pledge, he's
excited--and intimidated. He is also disappointed after he realizes that
he'll have to give up a music competition because he can't miss a night
of the initiation week. When the ceremony turns cruel--with the one girl
pledge being singled out for abuse--Jericho begins to have second
thoughts. Then the affair turns deadly. (from Booklist review)