If you like Fast Life by Cassandra Carter

Here are some other urban fiction books that I think you might like:


Indigo Summer by Monica McKayhan.

Fifteen-year-old Indigo Summer's world finally seems to be going in the
right direction: She hooks up with the star linebacker on the
high-school football team, gets a date for homecoming and makes the
high-school dance squad all in the same week. But sometimes things are
just too good to be true. After football star Quincy Rawlins abruptly
dumps her for a girl who is willing to put out, Indigo's popularity and
self-esteem take a nosedive. When her perfect world falls apart, Indigo
turns to the one person who seems to have his head on straight--her
next-door neighbor, sixteen-year-old Marcus Carter. The problem is, now
that Indigo realizes what a great guy Marcus really is, so does someone
else. This is another book from Kimanu Tru, the same publisher as Fast


The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Soulja.

As the oldest daughter of a successful drug dealer, Winter lacks for
nothing. But after her father moves the family from the projects to a
mansion on Long Island, Winters life begins to come apart. Her beautiful
mother is shot, her father is sent to prison, and the family's
possessions are seized by the government. Winter and her three sisters,
Mercedes, Lexus, and Porsche, become wards of the state. Finally,
arrested and convicted of transporting drugs in a boyfriends car, Winter
receives a 15-year jail term. (summary from Library Journal)


Played by Dana Davidson.

Ian Striver is challenged to prove himself worthy of joining his Detroit
high school's elite fraternity. He has two weeks to make plain and
unpopular Kylie fall for him and sleep with him. Although he feels
uncomfortable, he turns on his charm and asks her out. Kylie has never
had so much attention before; though her friends try to convince her
that Ian is a player, she develops feelings for him.


Tyrell by Coe Booth.

Fifteen-year-old Tyrell, who is living in a Bronx homeless shelter with
his spaced-out mother and his younger brother, tries to avoid temptation
so he does not end up in jail like his father.


The Fight (Drama High, book 1) by L. Divine.

Proudly hailing from Compton, USA, sixteen-year-old Jayd Jackson is no
stranger to drive-by shootings or run-ins with the friendly neighborhood
crackhead. Street-smart, book-smart, and life-smart, she's nobody's
fool--least of all KJ's, the most popular and cutest basketball jock at
South Bay High, aka Drama High. Yes, it's a fact, Jayd fell hard for his
player ways for a time, but now that KJ's shown his true colors--dumping
Jayd because she refused to give up the cookies--she's through with him
and his game playing for good. There are other books in the Drama High
series, if you like this one.


Who Am I without Him? by Sharon Flake.

Hilarious and anguished, these short stories about growing up black
today speak with rare truth about family, friends, school, and
especially about finding a boyfriend. Erika is a "ghetto girl" who likes
white boys; she can't help it, and the other black kids in school can't
stand her, because they know. Class is a big issue for Erin, who steals
clothes so he can take a suburban girl to the homecoming dance. The
church girls are forbidden to date, and they get hurt when they go
hunting for boys. But their well-meaning parents don't have it right,
and the girls won't stop looking. (description from Booklist).