If you like books by Faye Kellerman...

If you like books by Faye Kellerman, you may also like...

Take a look at the Reading Room:

from the FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION section:

"Otherworldly Love"

"What If? Alternative History"



"Pink Slip Blues"

"Women Bring Home the Bacon"


from the MYSTERY & THRILLER section:

"Conspiracies for the Femmes"

"Gumshoes of the Galaxy"

"If you Like CSI, try..."

"If you Like the Da Vinci Code, try..."

"Mink, Manolos and Murder"

"That Would be Ma'am to You"


from the ROMANCE section:

"Dangerous Love"

"Otherworldly Love"


Now for some more specific matches. You like Faye Kellerman and J. D.
Robb. You like futuristic sci fi, emphasis on relationships and a good technical detail.


First of all, you do know that J. D. Robb is a pen name for Nora Roberts, right? If you did not know that, try Nora Roberts on for size.


You might enjoy the "Temperance Brennan" series by Kathy Reichs. Tempe Brennan is a Canadian medical examiner. The books are full of technical detail, but somehow never gruesome and always page turners. The first in the series is called "Deja Dead". Other medical mystery or thriller authors you might like are Michael Palmer, Robin Cook and Tess Gerritson.


A couple of Sci Fi authors you might like are Christine Feehan and Jacqueline Carey. Their books are razor sharp, quite steamy romantic and very good.


For books with a lot of technical detail (but no sci fi) try the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. Gabriel was an Israeli intelligence officer until his wife and child were killed by a car bomb meant for him. Now he is retired and spends his days as an art restorer. But, of course, his special skills are always in demand and he is reluctantly wooed from retirement. The first in the series is "The Kill Artist".


You might also try a pair of Michaels - Michael Connelly (especially "Blood Work") and Michael Crichton (try "Timeline").


I hope you like these titles. All of them are owned by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. If you have a CRRL library card you may put any (or all!) of them on hold, either through the "library catalog"
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