If you like "Good to Great" by Jim Collins...

If you liked "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, you might like the
following titles:

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Leading at the Speed of Change
by Bill Capodagli
"...describes how to transform old business stability into e-business
success. This behind-the-scenes story of the creation and fast-track
growth of the AT&T Solutions networking division reveals how any
organization can retain and build on its proven strengths­­while
learning how to think, act, and perform like the most agile of today's
light-speed, dotcom enterprises." (from the book cover)

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The Strategy-focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies
Thrive in the New Business Environment
by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton
"Drawing from over 20 case studies--including Mobil, CIGNA, and AT&T
Canada--the authors illustrate how pioneering companies have created an
entirely new performance management framework--one that puts strategy at
the center of critical management processes and systems." (summary from
the Catalog)

Profitable Growth is Everyone's Business: 10 Tools You Can Use Monday
by Ram Charan
"A noted business consultant introduces his nine-step program for
creating profitable, sustainable, internally generated growth in a
business, in a handbook with useful tools, anecdotes, and real-life
business stories." (summary from the Catalog)

The Art of the Advantage: 36 Strategies to Seize the Competitive Edge
by Kaihan Krippendorf
"In this resource for managers, business consultant Krippendorff applies
[an] ancient Chinese treatise to 60 contemporary business case studies.
Each of the 36 chapters opens with the original text of one of the
stratagems and includes a visual depiction of it as well." (summary from
the catalog)

These titles on how women can succeed in business may be of interest:

Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American
by Thomas J. Stanley
"...examines the choice of businesses elected by self-employed women,
ranking over 150 categories in terms of their profitability and
probability of success. It also describes the women's background,
highlighting the fact that most millionaire women were raised in
nurturing family environments that were literally training grounds for
success, instilling the values that make this group one of the most
generous in American society as demonstrated by its level of giving to
charities, family, and friends. While many characteristics such as
frugality and simplicity of lifestyle are similar to those of their male
counterparts, Stanley demonstrates that most millionaire women work
harder and do better ¨at school, in business, and in investment
practices." (summary from Amazon.com)

She Wins, You Win: The Most Important Rule Every Businesswoman Needs to
by Gail Evans.
"...the path to success begins with this single most important rule:
Every time a woman succeeds in business, every other woman's chance of
succeeding in business increases. Every time a woman fails in business,
every other woman's chance of failure increases. [The author] realized
that one of the most important elements of the men's game, which was
missing from the women's, was support: The boys know how to take care of
one another. In order to create lasting success, women need to help one
another and band together as a team. Once women understand this simple
philosophy, the sky's the limit. ... This is the book men don't want
women to read, because they know that once women start playing together
on the same team, they'll change the workplace forever. Whether you're a
top executive or an entry-level assistant, She Wins, You Win will give
you the tactics and strategies you need to attain your career goals.
(summary from the book jacket)

Bodacious: an AOL Insider Cracks the Code to Outrageous Success for
by Mary E. Foley
"Foley, who rose to the top from a customer service job on AOL, gives
women advice and strategies for succeeding in today's economy. In
telling the behind-the-scenes story of AOL's start-up days and amazing
growth and of her own evolution from an entry-level employee into a
successful businesswoman, she points out how the qualities that made AOL
such a huge success are the same ones she needed to fulfill her own
potential." (summary from the Catalog)

PowerTools for Women in Business: 10 Ways to Succeed in Life and Work
By Aliza Sherman
"For many women, their personal and professional lives are intertwined.
"PowerTools" shows women how to leverage this holistic approach to their
best advantage and maximize their strengths."

You might want to search the article database "Business and Company
Resource Center". You can access the database from
the databases page. I searched for articles using the keywords
"women business success". I thought this article had a great title:
"Estrogen vs. testosterone: Which will win in the boardroom?"!

Via Google (http://www.google.com), I found this article ("Multi-Year
Study Shows Training and Mentoring Have Positive Effect on Women-Owned
Business Start-ups") at
I used these key words: success women business "key factors" in my
search. There were many interesting hits from this search. You could
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