If you like books by Jean Auel...


In response to your book match request for a title similar to The
Earth's Children's Series by Jean Auel, I can offer the following

Dance of the Tiger: A Novel of the Ice Age by Bjorn Kurten, set 35,000
years ago in Ice Age Europe, tells the story of Tiger, son of the
chieftain of a peaceful village of Homo Sapiens, who sets out in search
of the warrior who killed his father. Rescued by a Neanderthal clan,
Tiger falls in love with Veyde, their beautiful leader.

People of the Earth by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear brings
the true story of the ancestors of today's Native American peoples to
life in an unforgettable saga of hardship and passion. It is the story
of a woman torn between two peoples and two dreams, of the two men who
love her and the third who must have her, and of the vision given to the
peoples long ago by the spirit of the wolf.

People of the Sea by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear is the
story of Sunchaser, Kestrel, and Catchstraw. Read about the love story
of Kestrel and Sunchaser and the threatening intrigues of Catchstraw.

Mother Earth, Father Sky by Sue Harrison relates the voyage of Chagak
and her infant brother as they flee from the Short People after her
village is destroyed by them. Shuganan, an elderly, noted carver, asks
her to stay with him to ease his loneliness. When some of the Short
People arrive, Chagak and Shuganan must fight for their lives against
these vicious, cruel intruders.

The Animal Wife by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, set in Siberia 20,000
years ago, depicts the life of Kori, a young male of the tribe. While
out hunting, Kori captures a woman from another tribe whom he names
Muskrat. Their evolving relationship and the interactions among the
family tribe members as they move from their summer grounds to their
winter grounds in the constant search for food form the heart of the

Daughter of the Red Deer by Joan Wolf is a story of romance, intrigue,
and conflict set in prehistoric southern France. When the women of the
Tribe of the Horse die from polluted water, the young men kidnap women
from the matriarchal Tribe of the Red Deer to keep their clan from
extinction. Mar, the leader of the younger men, must deal with the
tribal conflict, as well as his feelings for Alin, the beautiful
daughter of the Red Deer priestess.

I hope that you find something enjoyable from the titles provided.
Please contact us if you need other suggestions.


Jane Kosa, Reference Librarian

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