If you like Julia's Kitchen by Brenda A. Ferber

  You will enjoy the following titles.


Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles.

Comfort Snowberger is well acquainted with death since her family runs
the funeral parlor in their small southern town, but even so the
ten-year-old is unprepared for the series of heart-wrenching events that
begins on the first day of Easter vacation with the sudden death of her
beloved great-uncle Edisto.


Everything On a Waffle by Polly Horvath.

Eleven-year-old Primrose living in a small fishing village in British
Columbia recounts her experiences and all that she learns about human
nature and the unpredictability of life in the months after her parents
are lost at sea.


Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw.

Cyril, an overweight boy who is good friends with Rose but wishes he
could be more, helps his best friend Nick woo her with culinary
masterpieces which Cyril himself secretly creates. Includes recipes from
the story.


Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech.

With the help of her wise old grandmother, twelve-year-old Rosie
manages to work out some problems in her relationship with her best
friend, Bailey, the boy next door.