If You Like Books by Karen Robards ...

Karen Robards's style of romantic suspense and domestic fiction sugests that these titles may appeal to you:

"Mrs. Kimble" by Jennifer Haigh 

"Ken Kimble is revealed through the eyes of the women he seduces: his first wife, Birdie, who struggles to hold herself together following his desertion; his second wife, Joan, a lonely heiress shaken by personal tragedy, who sees in Kimble her last chance at happiness; and finally Dinah, a beautiful but damaged woman halt his age. Woven throughout is the story of Kimble's son, Charlie, whose life is forever affected by the father he barely remembers. Kimble is a chameleon, a man able to become, at least for a while, all things to all women--a hero to whom powerful needs and nameless longings may be attached. Only later do they glimpse the truth about this enigmatic, unknowable man. "--catalog summary


"Somewhere Off the Coast of Maine" by Ann Hood 

"In 1969, Suzanne awaits the birth of her love child, Claudia is planning to raise three sons, and Elizabeth and her husband are organizing protest marches and raising their kids in an earthy, hippie way. By 1985, things have changed and the women look into their pasts, trying to reconcile their young selves with what they have become."--catalog summary


"The Things We Do for Love" by Kristin Hannah 

"Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, "The Things We Do for Love"
explores an unlikely friendship between a woman desperate for a child and a troubled girl who needs a place to call home."--catalog summary


I hope I've suggested some titles that tickle your fancy. If not, or if you would like more suggestions, please let me know!


Mary M. Buck

Reference Librarian

Porter Branch