If you like Jim Arnosky...

Thanks for visiting our website and requesting a Book Match! I like Jim Arnosky too. The library has quite a few other books by him that you might also enjoy, such as: All About Lizards and All About Sharks. These books are like All about Owls except they are about other animals instead. Jim Arnosky has also written some fiction books that you might like. For example, the book Every Autumn Comes the Bear is a story about a bear who roams around the woods in the Fall preparing to hibernate for the winter.

If you like owl books, we have a nice one called Owls Whooo Are They?
by Kila Jarvis and Denver Holt.

If you like nature and animals books, Gail Gibbons has also done some good animal books for kids, such as: Zoo and Polar Bear.

All of these books are available at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library and you can place holds on them online if you would like to.

Thank You.

Mindy Ford