If you like "A to Z Mysteries" by Ron Roy...

Thank you for your Book Match request. Here are some other titles you
might enjoy reading.

Sly the sleuth and the food mysteries by Donna Jo Napoli and Robert

Sly uses her detective skills to help her friends solve the case of
something fishy, something cooking, and something seedy.
Other titles in this series are Sly the sleuth and the sports mysteries
and Sly the Sleuth and the pet mysteries.

Peril at King's Creek: a Felicity mystery by Elizabeth McDavid Jones.

This is one title in the American Girl Mysteries Series.
In 1776, eleven-year-old Felicity suspects that an amateur naturalist
visiting her family's Virginia plantation may actually be a British spy
mapping Patriot plantations in advance of British raids.
Two other titles in this series, American Girl Mysteries, include The
Curse of Ravenscourt, and the Stolen Sapphire.

The Midnight Mystery by Beverly Lewis.

After an ice cream party to celebrate the last day of school, a
seeing-eye-dog disappears, and the Cul-de-sac Kids get help from an
unexpected source in solving the mystery. This title is only one of
many fun mysteries in The Cul-De-Sac Kids series by Beverly Lewis.

Ghost Trap: A Wild Willie Mystery by Barbara M. Joosse.

Willie has problems. His friends Lucy and Kyle are fighting. Can these
three sleuths cooperate and trap a ghost that is haunting Kyle's house?

Also you might want to take a look at some of the online booklists for
more reading suggestions.

Pat Martynenko
Headquarters Youth Services