If you like "The Boxcar Children"...

Thanks for using this Bookmatch service. It's fun to recommend books to readers like you! I hope you will enjoy some of the books I've listed below.

The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgleish.
Remembering her mother's words, an eight-year-old girl finds courage to go alone with her father to build a new home in the Connecticut wilderness and to stay with the Indians when her father goes back to
bring the rest of the family.

Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.
Sent with her governess to live with the dreadful Carter family in
exotic Brazil in 1910, Maia endures many hardships before fulfilling her dream of exploring the Amazon River.

Train to Somewhere by Eve Bunting.
In the late 1800s, Marianne travels westward on the Orphan Train in
hopes of being placed with a caring family.

Georgie Lee by Sharon Phillips Denslow.
Disproving that "there's nothing to do in the country," J.D. has a
series of small adventures while spending the summer on his
grandmother's farm with a cow named Georgie Lee.

A Family Apart by Joan Lowery Nixon.
When their mother can no longer support them, six siblings are sent by the Children's Aid Society of New York City to live with farm families in Missouri in 1860.


Martha Baden
Youth Services Manager