If you like books on Colonial crafts

Here are some books on Colonial crafts.

Home Crafts by Bobbie Kalman.
This is a Historic Communities book. It includes Soap making, and Candle making.

Josefina’s Craft Book – The American Girls Collection.
This has a section on making a Straw broom. 

The Heritage Sampler. A Book of Colonial Arts & Crafts by Cheryl G. Hoople.
This includes directions on how to make Tin Can Candles. 

And in our Juvenile Reference Section (745.5 GO):
The Golden Book of Colonial Crafts. This also has a chapter on Candle making. 

Colonial days : discover the past with fun projects, games, activities, and recipes by David C. King.
Discusses colonial life in America, depicts a year in the life of a fictional colonial family, and presents projects and activities, such as butter churning, candle dipping, baking bread, and playing colonial games.