If you like true horror stories...

I've found some collections of horror stories for you, as well as some scary books that may be based on real events.

Spooky America: Four Real Ghost Stories / by Lori Haskins.

Recounts four fact-based tales of hauntings including a ghost horse on the coast of Massachusetts, a haunted painting at a Virginia plantation, a skeleton in Colorado, and a ghostly sea captain of California.

Ghosts / by Kelli M. Brucken.

Examines ghostly figures and what people have thought to be ghost-like experiences.

Haunted Houses / by Kelli M. Brucken.

Examines mysterious encounters, haunted houses, and mysterious encounters in haunted houses.

Legends of Dracula / by Tom Streissguth.

Discusses Vlad the Impaler, the historical person behind Count Dracula, describes how Bram Stoker came to write his famous novel about him, and examines how the character has been portrayed on stage and screen.

Favorite scary stories of American children / [edited by] Richard and Judy Dockrey Young.

A collection of twenty-three spooky tales from a variety of ethnic traditions.

The Scary story reader : forty-one of the scariest stories for sleepovers, campfires, car & bus trips - even for first dates / collected and retold by Richard and Judy Dockrey Young.

A collection of scary urban legends and other modern-day horror tales preserved by oral tradition, including "Hook-arm," "The Call from the Downstairs Phone," and "Give Me Back My Guts!"

Beware! : R.L. Stine picks his favorite scary stories / [compiled by] R.L. Stine.

A selection of unsettling stories--one in graphic form along with two poems--by such authors as Ray Bradbury, William Sleator, Robert Service, Edward Gorey, Roald Dahl, Jane Yolen, and Mr. Stine himself.

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Betty Hume
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