If you like books by Madeleine L'Engle...

Thank you for requesting a Book Match. I also LOVE Madeleine L'Engle books. A couple of us put our heads together, and here are some other titles you may like:

The Golden Compass
by Philip Pullman
Orphaned Lyra is seeking a missing friend when she discovers a plot to steal children; she journeys to the top of the world seeking answers, only to find armored polar bears and a deeper, darker mystery. First of a projected trilogy, this fantasy will appeal even to those who don't read fantasy.

by Cornelia Funke
A mellifluous reading brings book characters to life, and a masterful plan is required to foil their evil ambitions. A fast-paced, mysterious adventure for those who relish the look, feel, smell, and words of a delightfully satisfying book.

The Power of Un
by Nancy Etchemendy
If you had a device that could "undo" what had already happened, how would you use it? Would you use it to retake a test or to redo your homework? Or should this device only be used to undo "really serious mistakes?" Gib Finney is about to find out!

Something Upstairs
by Avi
When he moves from Los Angeles to Providence, Rhode Island, Kenny discovers that his new house is haunted by the spirit of a black slave boy who asks Kenny to return with him to the early nineteenth century and prevent his murder by slave traders.

King of Shadows
by Susan Cooper
While in London to perform with a theatre group, Nat suddenly finds himself transported back to 1599 and performing under the direction of Shakespeare himself.


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Jody Lewandowski