If you like "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson...

Here are some titles you might enjoy. I am going to send this list to
both e-mail addresses that you provided.

The first one is the sequel to Maximum Ride.

School's Out - forever by James Patterson.

Maximum Ride Book 2

After a short stay with an FBI agent who gives them a chance to attend
school and live a normal life, the six genetically-altered, winged
youths head toward Florida and Max's ultimate destiny--to save the
world, whether she wants to or not.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.
Accompanied by her daemon, Lyra sets out to prevent her best friend and
other kidnapped children from becoming part of a gruesome experiment in
the Far North.

Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz.
Matt is being punished for a crime he saw, but did not commit. Instead
of being locked up, he is sent to the middle of nowhere to live with a
new foster mom, as part of a new government program called the "Leaf
Project." But Matt's new home provides anything but peace and quiet. His
new guardian is involved in very sinister things and the whole town
seems to be on her side.

H.I.V.E : Higher Institute of Villainous Education by Mark Walden.
Swept away to a hidden academy for training budding evil geniuses, Otto,
a brilliant orphan, Wing, a sensitive warrior, Laura, a shy computer
specialist, and Shelby, an infamous jewel thief, plot to beat the odds
and escape the prison known as H.I.V.E.

Don't forget that if you want to put any of these books on request for
yourself, you can go to our online library catalog
Just have your library card handy.

Pat Martynenko
Headquarters Youth Services