Some suggested reading for 9 year olds...

Thank you for using our book match service! The library collection
contains many titles that are appropriate for a 9 year old child. Some of our most popular include:

Judy Moody (the first book in the Judy Moody Series) by Megan McDonald.
Third grader Judy Moody is in a first day of school bad mood until she gets an assignment to create a collage all about herself and begins creating her masterpiece, the Me collage.

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (part of the Ramona series) by Beverly Cleary.
From the first day of third grade, when Ramona Quimby meets her eventual nemesis Yard Ape, life moves on at its usual wild pace--usual for the boisterous Ramona, that is. Soon she is accidentally squashing a raw egg into her hair at the school cafeteria, being forced to play Uncle Rat with her annoying young neighbor, and, worst of all, throwing up in her classroom. The responsibilities of an 8-year-old are sometimes daunting, especially in a family that is trying to squeak by while the father goes back to school. But Ramona is full of too much vim and vigor to ever be down for long.

The Goose's Gold (part of another series, The A to Z Mysteries) by Ron Roy.
When Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose go to Florida on vacation, they hear that someone has found an old shipwreck. Two divers are collecting donations to bring up the loot. They promise to share whatever they find, but is this luck too good to be true?

Me Oh Maya! (part of a series, the Time Warp Trio) by Jon Scieszka
Joe, Fred, and Sam find themselves whisked by The Book to the main
ring-ball court in Chichin Itza, Mexico in 1000 A.D., where they must
play for their lives against a Mayan High Priest who cheats.

If these titles prove to be too difficult, try:
Carnival at Candlelight (part of a series, Magic Treehouse) by Mary Pope Osborne.
While on a mission to prove to Merlin that they can use magic wisely,
Jack and Annie travel to seventeenth-century Venice, Italy, to save the city from disaster.

Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket (part of the Junie B. Jones
series) by Barbara Park.
When Junie B. learns that her kindergarten class is going on a field
trip to a farm, she worries about being attacked by a rooster.

Just a note, we have not placed these titles on hold for you, but if you
would like to place them hold, you can do so by searching our library
catalog ( and
choosing "Request First Available Copy."

Happy Reading!
Debbie Zimmerman
Youth Services Librarian
Salem Church Branch, Central Rappahannock Regional Library