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If you like Books About Science

The Curious Kid's Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-on Activities for Ages 4-8 by Asia Citro

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Here are some great titles for a budding scientist!

The Curious Kid's Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-on Activities for Ages 4-8 by Asia Citro
In The Curious Kid's Science Book, your child will learn to design his or her own science investigations to determine the answers! Children will learn to ask their own scientific questions, discover value in failed experiments, and—most importantly—have a blast with science. (catalog summary)

Exploring Kitchen Science: 30+ Edible Experiments & Kitchen Activities
Join the world-famous Exploratorium on a curious and tasty expedition through your kitchen, where you'll learn to flash-freeze ice cream with way-cool dry ice, create dyes with your favorite fruits and veggies, see your food glow in the dark, whip up oobleck, and more! (catalog summary)

Junk Drawer Chemistry: 50 Awesome Experiments That Don't Cost A Thing by Bobby Mercer
There's no need for expensive, high-tech lab equipment to conduct chemistry experiments—you probably have all you need in your home junk drawer. Turn three pennies and two galvanized washers into a simple battery. Crush a soda can using atmospheric pressure. Convert an LED flashlight into a simple electrolyte tester. Split liquid water into two unique gasses, or use cornstarch to create a gooey, mysterious, non-Newtonian fluid. And model radioactive decay using M & M's, or a chain reaction with a set of dominoes. Who needs a laboratory when you have a kitchen counter? Science teacher Bobby Mercer provides readers with more than 50 great hands-on experiments that can be performed for just pennies...or less. Each project has a materials list, detailed step-by-step instructions with illustrations, and a brief explanation of the scientific principle being demonstrated—atoms, compounds, solutions, mixtures, reactions, thermodynamics, acids and bases, and more. (catalog summary)

Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future: With 20 Projects
by Joshua Sneideman
Discusses solar, wind, biofuel, hydro, and geothermal energy sources. Evaluates the pros and cons of different renewable energy sources, and includes hands-on projects that teach such concepts as the power of sunlight, the force of water, and thermal and mechanical energy. (catalog summary)


Science Stunts: Fun Feats of Physics
by Jordan Brown
Introduces the laws of physics through twenty-five interactive experiments, including instant ice, straw symphony, and lemon liftoff. (catalog summary)


Stickman's Guide to Gigantic Machines
by John Farndon
Whimsical stick figure guides take readers on a tour of various massive machines and how they work in this playful yet extremely informative guide to high-tech machines. (catalog summary)

Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea: Marie Tharp Maps the Ocean Floor
by Robert Burleigh
This illustrated biography shares the story of female scientist, Marie Tharp, a pioneering woman scientist and the first person to ever successfully map the ocean floor. (catalog summary)



The Way Things Work Now: From Levers to Lasers, Windmills to Wi-Fi, A Visual Guide to the World of Machines by David Macaulay
Text and numerous detailed illustrations introduce and explain the scientific principles and workings of hundreds of machines. (catalog summary)