If you like "Walk Two Moons" by Sharonn Creech...

Thanks for visiting our website and for your Book Match request. I
really enjoyed Walk Two Moons! Sharon Creech has written many books,
my personal favorite is called Heartbeat. Here are a few more titles
you might enjoy:

Saffy's Angel by Hilary McKay.

Saffy always thought she knew exactly where she fit in her family until
she discovered she was adopted. Suddenly, she feels very alone, until a
mysterious inheritance reminds her just how much family she really has.

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin.

Although Liz is maturing, coping with disappointments, and controlling
her anger, she is getting younger. Having been killed by a hit and run
driver, she now lives in Elsewhere with the grandmother who died before
she was born. After death, the residents get younger until they become
babies and are reborn onto Earth again. Initially mad at the driver and
sad that she will not have a boyfriend and attend the prom, Liz misses
her family and is sullen and depressed. Gradually, she begins to realize
that life is not so bad in the hereafter.

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass.

Jeremy's father, unsure of the length of his own life due to a
fortune-teller's dire prediction of an early death, prepared a
mysterious locked wooden box engraved with "The Meaning of Life: For
Jeremy Fink to Open on His 13th Birthday." The prophecy was fulfilled,
and his dad died when Jeremy was eight. Two months before Jeremy's 13th
birthday, the box is delivered to him by a lawyer, but the four keys
required to it are missing. Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime that
leads Jeremy and Lizzie across Manhattan to search flea markets,
museums, and office buildings in the hope of finding the keys before his

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