If you like Kill me First by Kate Morgenroth

Acceleration by Graham McNamee.
Stuck working in the Lost and Found of the Toronto Transit Authority for the summer, seventeen-year-old Duncan finds the diary of a serial killer and sets out to stop him.

Black Mirror by Nancy Werlin.
Convinced her brother's death was murder rather than suicide,
sixteen-year-old Frances begins her own investigation into suspicious
student activities at her boarding school.

Candy by Kevin Brooks.
When Joe meets Candy, it seems like a regular boy-meets-girl scenario. But then Joe is drawn into Candy's world --- a world of drugs, violence, and desperation. As the dark truth about Candy's life emerges, Joe finds himself facing real danger at every twist and turn. Soon Joe's conflicting emotions begin to mirror Candy's, and he understands that falling in love just might be worth the struggle.

Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn.
A year after running away to escape his unbearable home life, Michael
returns to Miami to find that his mother is going on trial for the
murder of his abusive stepfather.

Shattering Glass by Gale Giles.
When Rob, the charismatic leader of the senior class, turns the school nerd into Prince Charming, his actions lead to unexpected violence.


A couple of other authors you may enjoy are Caroline B. Cooney and Lois Duncan. They both have written lots of contemporary suspense novels.