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If you like books by Lee Child...

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If you are a fan of Lee Child's books, try these titles and authors:

The General's Daughter
by Nelson DeMille.
West Point graduate and daughter of legendary General "Fighting Joe" Campbell, Ann Campbell is the pride of Fort Hadley, until one morning when her lifeless body is found naked and bound on the firing range. Paul Brenner is a member of the army's elite undercover investigative unit and the man in charge of this politically explosive case. Teamed with rape specialist Cynthia Sunhill, Brenner is about to learn just how many people were sexually, emotionally, and dangerously involved with the Army's "golden girl".

Separation of Power by Vince Flynn
Newly appointed CIA Director Dr. Irene Kennedy is the target of an inside plot to destroy her and end the American President's term. Even worse, Israel uncovers an Iraqi plan to enter the nuclear arms race. Now, Rapp has two weeks to beat the clock--or watch the world go up in flames. (Catalog description)


Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly.
It is the greatest bounty hunt in history. The targets are the finest warriors in the world-commandos, spies, terrorists. And they must all be dead by 12 noon, today. The price on their heads: almost $20 million each. Among the names, one stands out. The enigmatic Marine, Shane Schofield, who goes by the call-sign "Scarecrow." Schofield is plunged into a race around the world, pursued by a fearsome collection of international bounty hunters. The race is on and the pace is frantic as he fights for survival, in the process unveiling a vast international conspiracy and the terrible reason why he cannot, under any circumstances, be allowed to live! He led his men into hell in Ice Station. He protected the President against all odds in Area 7. But this time it's different, because he is the target. (Catalog description)

Dead Watch by John Sandford
"Late afternoon, Virginia, and a woman is on the run. Her husband, a former U.S. senator named Lincoln Bowe, has been missing for days. Kidnapped? Murdered? She doesn't know, but she thinks she knows who's involved, and why. And that she may be next. Hours later, a phone rings in the pocket of Jacob Winter. An Army Intelligence veteran, Winter specializes in what he thinks of as forensic bureaucracy. Congress, the Pentagon, the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security - when something goes wrong, Winter kicks over rocks until he finds out what really happened. The White House is his main client, and the chief of staff is on the phone now. If Bowe isn't located soon, he is told, all hell will break loose.
What Winter doesn't realize is - all hell will break loose anyway. And he will be right in the middle of it. Large forces are at work, men determined to do whatever it takes to achieve unprecedented ends. Before the next few days are out, Winter will discover he has to use every one of his resources not only to prevail...but just to survive. And so will the nation. (BOOK JACKET)

The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva
A former Mossad agent, now an art restorer, is tapped to help thwart a Palestinian plot to halt peace talks by assassinating Yasir Arafat. (Library Journal)



Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva
A body with three bullets to the face is found near the crash site of an airliner that's been blown out of the sky. CIA agent Michael Osbourne recognizes the calling card of an international assassin. (Catalog description)


Footsteps of the Hawk
by Andrew Vachss
Burke has returned to the streets of New York City - territory he knows so well and hates so deeply. Two rogue cops - one male, one female - are stalking each other, and all of Burke's survival skills are not enough to keep him out of the cross fire. She seems to want Burke to help an innocent man get out of prison. He seems to want to make Burke a suspect in a series of murders possibly connected to the rape-murder her prisoner is serving time for. None of it adds up. Burke can't fit any logic around the situation, but it feels "treacherous bad". He's got to figure it out before he can get out of it - and by that time it might be too late. (Catalog description)

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