If you like Love on the Lifts by Rachel Hawthorne

What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones.

Meet Sophie. She sees herself as the too-tall "Mount Everest of teenage
girls," who, along with her friends, often suffers from "lackonookie
disease." She's dating smoky, sexy Dylan, covertly chatting online with
"cybersoul"-mate Chaz, and secretly nursing a crush on sweet, geeky
Murphy. If you like this one, it has a sequel called What My Girlfriend
Doesn't Know.


Icing on the Lake by Catherine Clark.

After her older sister Gretchen breaks her leg skiing, 18 year-old
Kristen moves in to help with her 3 year-old nephew. Kristen's New
Year's resolution is to get a boyfriend and she gets her chance when she
meets twin brothers who shovel the snow outside her house. The problem
is - she likes them both! Catherine Clark writes lots of romances, so
you might find others by her too.


TTYL by Lauren Myracle.

Three high school sophomores, lifelong best friends, are now facing a
variety of emotional upsets in their personal and social lives. Angela
is boy crazy and emotive, but able to lend support to her friends when
they need it. Zoe is the quietest and most self-effacing, considered by
some to be a goody two-shoes but in fact headed full speed into a very
dangerous relationship. Madigan is the hothead, less certain of how to
grow up than she allows anyone, including herself, to see. The entire
narrative is composed of the instant messages sent among these three,
from September into November, as they each get involved with dating,
sort out how to have friendships with others, cope with disasters that
range from wardrobe issues to getting drunk, and offer one another
advice and defiance.


Mates, Dates, and Cosmic Kisses (Mates, Dates series) by Cathy Hopkins.

Cathy Hopkins's second title in the series (Simon Pulse, 2003) about
three 14-year-old friends who live in London takes place in the weeks
leading up to Christmas and is told through the eyes of Izzie, a
cosmically aware, vegetarian songwriter. While shopping in the mall for
essential oils as a holiday gift for her friends, Lucy and Nesta, Izzie
meets Mark and develops her first instant crush.


Trust Me (First Kisses, book 1) by Rachel Hawthorne.

Oh. No. This can't be happening. Me and Sean Reed? "Trust Partners" for
the entire counselors-in-training program? Sean may have deep blue eyes
that make my heart flutter whenever he looks at me, but he's always been
a troublemaker. Being thrown together all summer? That is so not going
to work. Even if he does have a really, really nice smile. Trust me on
this. (description from book) Rachel Hawthorne writes lots of romances,
so you might find others by her too.


Bras and Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski.

Rachel Weinstein, 14, wants many things - she'd love to remain best buds
with her newly popular friend Jewel, get a date to the Spring Fling, and
stop her dad from marrying her "Soon To Be Step-Monster." When her
younger sister, Miri, discovers that she is a witch, Rachel just knows
that her dreams are within her grasp. Though the girls' mother warns
them that magic can lead to unexpectedly harsh consequences, the sisters
secretly come up with plan after plan to stop their father's wedding and
help Rachel find popularity.


Major Crush by Jennifer Echols.

Virginia Sauter throws in her tiara, pierces her nose, and quits the
beauty-pageant circuit to try out to become drum major at her high
school. Winning is bittersweet when she must share the title with Drew,
whose family members have held the position for generations. Despite the
fact that he is competitive and dating one of the Evil Twins, Tracey or
Cacey (even he isnt sure which one), Virginia thinks that he is hot. To
complicate matters further, the drum-major role isnt what she envisioned
it to be and she begins to believe that she made a big mistake.