If you like Lulu Dark can see Through walls by Bennett Madison

Down the Rabbit Hole: an Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams.
Like her idol, Sherlock Holmes, Ingrid uses her intellect to solve a
murder case in her hometown.

Twisted Summer by Willo Davis Roberts.
Fourteen-year-old Cici hopes for a romantic summer at the beach but
instead finds herself trying to solve a murder which had occurred there the previous year.

Rose Queen by M.E. Rabb.
This is the first book in the author's Missing Persons series. Sam and Sophie, sisters from Queens, NY, are forced to leave home and begin a new life in disguise in Venice, Indiana. They have changed their name, dyed their hair, and taken up a new hobby - solving missing person cases. It is also important that they remain missing themselves. There are three other titles in this series.