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If you like New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

If you liked the passion between Edward and Bella in New Moon you might
try one of these. The first three are horror or fantasy, and the last
two are just good love stories!


The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause.

A mysterious teenage boy harboring a dark secret helps Zoe come to terms
with her mother's terminal illness.


Haunted: A Tale of the Mediator by Meg Cabot.

Sixteen-year-old Susannah Simon is a mediator, one who communicates with
the dead, and she also happens to be in love with Jesse, a
nineteenth-century ghost


Owl in Love by Patricia Kindl.

A fourteen-year-old girl, who can transform herself into an owl at will,
discovers interesting new relationships with both humans and owls when
she develops a crush on her science teacher.


Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

Isolated from friends who believe the worst because she has not been
truthful with them, sixteen-year-old Annabel finds an ally in classmate
Owen, whose honesty and passion for music help her to face and share
what really happened at the end-of-the-year party that changed her life.


Peaches by Jodi Lynne Anderson.

Three teenaged girls from very different backgrounds, thrown together to
pick peaches in a Georgia orchard, spend a summer in pursuit of the
right boy, the truest of friends, and the perfect peach