If you like Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen D Randle

Here are a few titles from the YA Fiction collection that
also deal with child abuse and its impact on the victims.

The Beggars' Ride by Theresa Nelson.
Twelve-year-old Clare flees an unhappy home life and tries to survive on he streets of Atlantic City with a small gang of homeless kids, each of whom as his own secret reason for distrusting society.


Danger Game by Julie Lawson.
While spending the summer with her cousins on Vancouver Island,
sixteen-year-old Chelsea, driven to acts of pyromania in reaction to her arents' divorce and years of sexual abuse, finally gains the confidence tobreak her silence and confront her abuser.


I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This by Jacqueline Woodson.
Marie, the only black girl in the eighth grade willing to befriend herwhite classmate Lena, discovers that Lena's father is doing horriblethingsto her in private.


When She Hollers by Cynthia Voigt.
Tish, a teenager who has been enduring abuse from her adoptive
stepfather since she was a small child, finally decides she must do
something to stop him.