If you like Owl in Love by Patrice Kindl

Owl in Love also has a bit of fantasy, so I wondered if that is another element that you might like, so I included a few of those. I also included a few light reads, since you mentioned liking that as well. Here are some titles I hope you'll enjoy:

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause.
Having fallen for a human boy, a beautiful teenage werewolf must battle both her packmates and the fear of the townspeople to decide where she belongs and with whom.

The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause.
A mysterious teenage boy harboring a dark secret helps Zoe come to terms with her mother's terminal illness.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen.
In alternating chapters, two teenagers describe how their feelings about themselves, each other, and their families have changed over the years.

Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot.
From the bestselling author of "The Princess Diaries." Growing up in
India, 16-year-old heiress Lady Victoria Arbutnot is unceremoniously
shipped off to London to find a husband.


Beast by Donna Jo Napoli.
Elaborates on the tale of "Beauty and the Beast," told from the point of view of the beast and set in Persia.

Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.
On her way to marry a prince she's never met, Princess Anidori is
betrayed by her guards and her lady-in-waiting and must become a goose girl to survive until she can reveal her true identity and reclaim the crown that is rightfully hers.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
When seventeen-year-old Bella leaves Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington, she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not wholly human. The sequel is titled New Moon.