If you like Pressing Hard by Stephanie Perry Moore

Stephanie Perry Moore is a popular author of teen
Christian fiction. A few other popular authors that write similar books
are ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Jacquelin Thomas. Here are some other
teen Christian fiction books that I think you may like:


Nothing But Drama by ReShonda Tate Billingsley.

Camille can't believe her bad luck when she's ordered to join a church
youth group after hiding her boyfriend from the police. She'll bide her
time if that's what it takes to get everyone off her back, but it's the
last place she ever expected to make a new friend. Angel has a secret
that's got her running scared, so when she sees a flyer for the group,
she heads to the church, hoping to find an answer to her problem. Now
Rachel, their group leader, has a task for them that may just end their
daily dramas and give them a whole new beginning.


Simply Divine by Jacquelin Thomas.

To forgive may be divine . . . The daughter of two Hollywood superstars,
Divine Matthews-Hardison lives the privileged life most
fifteen-year-olds only dream of: she's all about designer clothes,
awards ceremonies, parties, and having a name that opens doors. Divine
could be a model, an actress, anything she wants. But when you live in
the spotlight, there's nowhere to hide when your family falls apart. Her
father is in trouble with the law, her mother has her own demons, and no
one has room for Divine -- no one except her uncle, a Georgia pastor
with a modest country home and a big heart. . . . but can Divine ever


Dark Blue : Color Me Lonely (True Colors, book 1) by Melody Carlson.

Two sophomore girls, best friends since kindergarten, grow apart when
one wants new friends and decides the other is a popularity liability.


The Masquerade (Becoming Beka series, #1) by Sarah Ann Sumpolec.

When she moves to a new school Beka only pretends to be a Christian, but
when she learns that truth brings freedom, she gains peace, faith, and


Becoming Me (Diary of a Teenage Girl, book 1) by Melody Carlson.

Sixteen-year-old Caitlin O'Conner keeps a six-month diary in which she
records the day-to-day events of her life as well as her struggles to
understand herself and God's plan for her future.


Jason and Kyra by Dana Davison.

(This is not actually a Christian book, but I think you may enjoy it.)

Handsome and popular Jason tries to come to terms with his irascible,
often absent father and his growing attraction to the quiet, studious