If you like books by Jane Austen...

These are a few titles that I hope you will enjoy. I have enjoyed most
of them as I am a Jane Austen lover. (Of course, no one can write as
well as she can.)

Pride, Prejudice, and Jasmine Field by Melissa Nathan:

Successful magazine journalist Jasmine Field finds her life falling
apart - her best friend leaves, her family unravel, and her column hits
the skids -just when she gets a lead role of Elizabeth Bennett. A
Publisher Weekly says she is a hybrid of Bridget Jones and Elizabeth
Bennett in this flimsy but likeable update of Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues by Lind Berdoll:

Booklist says this is a wild, bawdy, and utterly enjoyable
novel. The Darcy's begin their married life as one very happy couple.
We see the depiction of an enduring strong love between Elizabeth and
Darcy. (I loved this book.) Think of Tom Jones meeting Jane Austen with
a bit of Scarlet O'Hara and the Wife of Bath thrown in - considered
trashy by some.

Vanity and Vexation: A Novel of Pride and Prejudice by Kate Fenton:

The book has lively characters, intelligent writing, a fun love
affair, and an inversion of Austen's plot. "After all, it is a truth
universally acknowledged that Hollywood taking an interest in a
novelist's work is a surefire way to propel that novelist into serious
sales figures and the bestseller lists."

Conviction: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by Skylar
Hamilton Burris:

Amazon.com's review says this book reveals the romantic destiny
of Georgiana Darcy. I have read a number of the continuations of Pride
and Prejudice and I feel this one is a brilliant piece of literature. I
would read anything this author publishes.

Letters from Pemberly by Jane Dawkins:

This title describes Elizabeth Bennet's first year at Pemberley
as a newly wed. Tone, spirit, and language of the book were excellent.
However, one reviewer said that is should have been proofread.