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If you like books by Sandra Brown...

Thank you for requesting a Book Match! If you like the mystery aspect of Sandra Brown, here are some titles and authors that you might like:

The Dancing Floor by Barbara Michaels
For years, Heather Tradescant had dreamed of the journey she and her
father would take to England-- a pilgrimage to the great gardens of
history. Now that her father is dead, Heather is determined to fulfill
his dreams. Unfortunately, her request to see the fabled 17th-century
garden of Troytan House is denied by the owner. Though unwelcome, she
braves the walls of briars and reaches the Victorian manor house beyond.
She senses a strange mission of evil lurking, tainting the manor's
peaceful beauty. Only then does Heather begin to wonder whether it is
only stories of long-vanished witchcraft that haunt Troytan House or
whether there is some more modern horror, hearer at hand, and far, far
more dangerous. (Catalog description)

Evidence of Mercy by Terry Blackstock
Action, suspense, romance, and the growth of Christian faith weave
together in this first in a series of four novels by popular author,
Terri Blackstock. (Catalog description)

Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson
Sara is terrified. Hidden away in the witness protection program, she's
falling in love with former pro football player Adam Black, which is
something that could get her killed. FBI agent Dave Richman has his
hands full keeping her safe from her sister's killer. When events bring
Sara face-to-face with terror, will she rely on God for protection?
(Catalog description)

Other authors that you might like are:
Mary Higgins Clark
Victoria Holt
Elizabeth Peters
Phyllis Whitney

I hope that you like these. If you need more suggestions, please e-mail
us again.

Happy reading!

Kara Rockwell
Reference Librarian